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What is energy metabolism? How do you increase you?

Join us for part two of a rousing discussion of life, energy, and how the cosmos affects us. Teresa Campos will continue her discussion of how our place in the universe affects our activities and health, and how we can use this knowledge to operate at optimum levels. Here’s your chance to call in and ask all those questions that came up during our terrific discussion last week. Call 888-346-9141 with your questions and will be happy to answer. We look forward to hearing from you. Blessings

Is Wellness Written in the Stars?

Whether or not you have an undying belief in astrology, I know you’re interested in it – everybody is. But just what is astrology? Is it a s

Don't Just Survive - Thrive!

Survival ... it’s not rocket science, but being educated and motivated by a career in the aerospace and defense industries can’t hurt. Being sharp, innovated, and on guard is second nature to those born into military families. Hopping from one world hot spot to the next, including Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq) teaches you a lot about the human condition and basic survival in war and peace. That’s just it ... it teaches you how to survive, but not how to thrive. There is little education on the spirit of Warrior. It seems to just be a given, but in this day and age, where does a Warrior go to learn and enrich his/her spirit? Join me and my guest R

Meet Mermaid Medic, Spike Bywater and Float to Freedom

Spike the Mermaid Says...”Imagine a Thai massage mixed up in a yoga session dancing in water as dolphins and mermaids.” She goes by SPIKE BYH2O, and she is a Healing by Water Artist. She tailors each session uniquely to each client’s individual needs. Spike emphasizes comfort, security and warmth with her therapeutic touch in a safe space called water. She holds the belief that one day, all of mankind will experience a moment free of pain, especially her sisters and brothers of war. Join us to learn all about this incredible healing and how you can get in on it as well. It’s as close as you’re going to get to “swimming with the dolphins” endorphin rush in a pool. You can even make a donation

Dr. Red Says: There's Mayday and there's MAYDAY! Need an Angel on your shoulder?

You don’t have to be super religious to believe in Angels. The evidence is everywhere. Melanie Beckler is one of the rare human beings who can channel the energy and even the words of the Angels. How that happened is amazing in itself, but what she has done, with their help, is uber amazing! Here’s your chance to...Ask Angels. Let Melanie explain this incredible gift she has and how it can help you be happy and healthy. Blessings!


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