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Are You as Smart as a Starfish? The Miracle of Regenerative Medicine

If your body is a temple, do you find you’re starting to need a lot of renovation? Not only is there no smoke coming from my chimney, I don’t even have a fireplace. Did you know there are some fantastic healing and age-reversing modalities out there that are virtually hidden from the general public? Do you know what Bio-identical Hormones are? Have you ever heard (outside of my show) of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy? Have you ever thought much about food instead of pharmaceuticals to keep youthful and energetic? Well, you can get most of your healthy living answers from one book, and I will be chatting with the author this Tuesday. This is appointment radio at its best. You can call in and ask Dr. Elisa anything about longevity research. The doctors are in. Join us Tuesday if you want to “Live Long and Prosper.’


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